Kamailio v5.8.0 版本发布

2024年3月7日,Kamailio SIP服务器新版本 v5.8.0已发布,该版本是一个主版本,更新了许多新功能以及对现有组件改进。


Overview of new features in v5.8.0

(for more details see the wiki page or the commits ChangeLog)


  • enhanced capabilities for TCP connections and traffic management
  • consistent number of commit to the IMS components for building VoLTE/VoNR services
  • SIP overload control support for server (RFC7339)
  • extensive work for proper integration of libssl3
  • connector for InfluxDB allowing to push data from Kamailio configuration file
  • alternative internal HTTP server implementation using libmicrohttpd
  • new option for cryptography functions using libcrypt as alternative to libssl
  • ability to write log message from Kamailio configuration to specific files
  • distribution of keepalives from usrloc across an interval of time
  • new variables and transformations

Summary Of New Features

  • four new modules:

    • file_out – logging from config to specific files
    • gcrypt – cryptography functions using libcrypt
    • influxdbc – connector module to InfluxDB
    • microhttpd – simple HTTP server implementation using libmicrohttpd
  • tls support for Diameter client module

  • ability to specify Via parameters for generated replies

  • option to provide client certificates to mysql connector module

  • ability to write shared memory status report to designated file

  • support for re-authenticate on Diameter Ro sessions initiated from charging server

  • tls support for redis connector

  • variables to access dispatcher routing attribute

  • replication of custom location record attributes via DMQ

  • ability to trigger resynchronisation of htable content via DMQ

  • option to check if an imc room is active or an user is inside a room

  • restore of Ro sessions from database for IMS charging

  • database storage support for IMS-dialog records

  • more flexibility to destroy IMS IPSec tunnels

  • options to decide what SIP message attributes to be used for forwarding over IMS IPSec channels

  • function to check only if the host part of a SIP URI is local

  • msilo option to store call-id and reuse it on delivery

  • msilo option to specify custom sender and received of the message

  • ability for presence module to resynchronize cache from the storage backend

  • amqps support for rabbitmq

  • support receiving dtmf events from rtpengine and raise an event

  • sdp line iterator functions and variables

  • variable to get the SDP connection IP

  • config function to sign STIR/SHAKEN Identity providing private key data as parameter

  • siptrace function to provide message content as parameter

  • rpc function to kill a tls session

  • many core parameter to control when TCP connections are accepted and for how long

  • alignment to 16 bytes to internal memory managers to match how is done by the common operating systems nowadays

  • several new features in the kamcli tool

Project achievements during v5.8.0 development cycle

  • the development of the project approaches 23 years of activity
  • it is the 26th public major release in the history of project (SER project went out first with v0.8.x)
  • the 12th edition of the conference Kamailio World, is scheduled for April 18-19, 2024, in Berlin, Germany
  • presentations at several events such as: Astricon, Fosdem, Cluecon, FUSECOForum
  • continuous development at high pace – the project has over 37000 commits to the master branch (about 1700 commits done for v5.8.0 alone from more than 40 different contributors)

Downloading v5.8.0

You can download the tarball of the released sources at:

Binary packages for several distributions can be found at:

Packages will be uploaded as soon as they are built by developers (Debian and Ubuntu debs as well as RPMs for Centos, RedHat, Fedora and OpenSUSE) or submitted by community for other operating systems.

A step by step installation tutorial is available at:


Useful links:

Many thanks to those contributing with code, helping testing or advocating the project!

We are looking forward to meeting many of you at events around the world (online or in person), and invite you to join the efforts to improve Kamailio!